Jasper-EcoTech Energy & Light is a provider of innovative, high quality LED interior and exterior lamps and light fixtures.


At Jasper-EcoTech, we manufacture commercial, industrial, retail, and institutional LED lighting. We offer commercial grade solid state lighting solutions that provide both optimal energy savings and decades-long lamp life. Our products are specified to have high quality light output and reliability that is not present in cheaper product off the shelf at retailers or through electric supply houses.

We are able to provide best-in-class LED lamps and fixtures through our unique partnership. Our warranty is backed by the reliable, established Jasper name, and we are nimble enough to always stock the most up-to-date LEDs possible.

We provide best-in-class lighting products to create safer, brighter communities. Saving money with our LEDs benefits not just the direct owner, but the local community with a lower cost of living. Whether at a service station, manufacturing facility, municipality, or school district, Jasper-EcoTech can help reduce costly maintenance and help allocate dollars where needed.

Through excellent customer service, rigorous work ethic, the practice of good stewardship, and best-in-class product line, we prove daily that going green makes smart business sense – and it’s as simple as changing a light.

For more information, please browse our site. If you still have questions, please send us an email or call us anytime.